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While Social Media Management provides long-term branding and marketing strategy, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and Remarketing are meant to provide a more immediate result and return on investment.

Google’s Recent Changes

GoogleLogoGoogle’s recent changes to the search results page have made being present in the paid search section of search results even more important. Utilizing optimum ad verbiage and compelling offers, we will manage your ad campaigns to drive the most number of customers to your website as possible, with a given budget. Paid Ads on Social Media (Facebook) has also become an important tool in reaching a very specific audience that is seeking your products and services).


Since the management time necessary for these campaigns increases in complexity relative to the budget level, Solutions Digital Marketing charges a fee of management 20% of the ad budget, with a minimum fee of *$200/month. In most cases, the ad costs will be paid to the advertising channel (Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.) by the client directly. We will monitor the results of each ad and campaign, and work with you to look for new opportunities and maximize your advertising dollars.


FacebookAds1We also recommend adding Facebook remarketing and/or Google Remarketing as a program within the campaigns. Remarketing converts window-shoppers into buyers. Generally 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to a website. Remarketing brings back the other 98%. Remarketing works by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying your retargeting ads to them after they leave your site.

For an additional one-time fee ($150 and up), Solutions Digital Marketing or it’s partners will also create engaging, intriguing, and lead-generating landing pages, associated with these ad campaigns that are more likely to prompt a potential customer to call you or fill out a form for an appointment or information.

*Plus $400 one-time setup fee. 2-Month Commitment Required, then month-to-month, unless other arrangements are made for special cases, such as one-time event promotion.